Why We Might Care About Stuart Mease

Stuart Mease“Because he’s the best thing that’s happened to us.”

That’s what I concluded after several conversations about “Who is Stuart Mease?” and “Why would anyone care that a guy leaves a public sector job for a private sector job.  How is that news?”

We already have a lot of good things happening as a burgeoning high-technology economic growth area.  As a VT KnowledgeWorks member company, a member of the NewVa Corridor Technology Council, NCTC, and a member of Presidents’ Council, as a one-year start-up company, those are among the best things that could ever happen to me.

And yet, my greater vision for myself as a person and for my company includes a commitment to regional economic development and the greater social good it could serve.  No one furthers that vision quite like Stuart Mease.

Regional economic development groups have multiple constituencies and small budgets.  Often structured like corporations, they can find it hard to be agile.

The leader of a one-person public office charged with a regional economic development mission, Stuart Mease has been an entrepreneur of regionalism, taking risks to develop initiatives that could have an impact right here, right now.

Mease's new public sector employer, Rackspace Email and Apps, has given him a mission that, if achieved, simultaneouly results in economic development for the company and economic development for the region.

That’s profoundly aligned with my vision.

That’s why I care about Stuart Mease.


Photo credit:  Dan Smith, Valley Business FRONT

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