Who in the World is Stuart Mease?

Stuart Mease Servant.  Leader.  Networker.  Connector. 

These words and phrases describe Stuart Mease the person.  "Servant, leader, networking, connecting" are also some of his favorite words. With over 700 LinkedIn connections and 4000 contacts in his Outlook database, Stuart walks the talk when it comes to connecting people. "My motto and mission in life is to connect people to create mutually beneficial relationships," Mease said.

According to Cory Donovan, Excecutive Director of the NewVa Corridor Technology Council, NCTC, "Stuart is a selfless, forward-thinking, regionally-minded connector and problem solver. In all of the jobs he has held, he has been a regional ambassador to facilitate progress."

"Stuart really cares about the Roanoke and New River Valleys (RNR)," said Aric Bopp, Executive Director of the New River Economic Development Alliance. "Stuart has created an online "buzz' about the Roanoke and New River Valleys (RNR) basically by using a laptop, a camcorder, and his passion for the regions."

Mease (MBA, Virginia Tech) was hired in 2006 by the City of Roanoke as special projects coordinator to attract and retain young professionals to the area. As both a social media and regional evangelist, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and his blog are the tools he used to bridge connections and start conversations. July 10, 2009 marked his 500th blog post and, not surprisingly, the subject of his post addressed the benefits of blogging.

Mease has taken an opportunity in the private sector in the region.

Whether blogging or tweeting, Mease has a firm grip on the reins of power that, according to him, are accessible to everyone. "Those people who ignore the media, especially the new media, will lose on oh-so-many levels. Those people who embrace the media, especially the new media, will win on oh-so-many levels. It is a personal choice. The media does not control you. You control your interaction with others by how you interact with media."

Like those who have blazed new pathways before him, Mease recognizes the potential that social media tools allow. “Any one person or organization can take the same steps of Scoble or the Obama team in communicating positive, influential messages to shape media and create awareness.”

Serving.  Networking.  Connecting.  That is Stuart Mease.

Blog: Connecting People
Video Show: Connecting People in the RNR
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/stuart.mease
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/stuartmease
My Roanoke Story: Stuart Mease
Twitter: @stuartmease

Added 8/5/09: In his blog, Connecting People, Stuart Mease wrote Thank You City of Roanoke on 8/3/09.  Mason Adams wrote a fine news report and profile, Roanoke development official to resign, for The Roanoke Times on 8/5/09.


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