Top 10 Reasons to Archive My Email

From the Rackspace Email and Apps Team:

10.  So my employees are less inclined to forward inappropriate jokes that aren’t even funny with their company email address attached.

9.  So I don’t lose my job when critical company information is lost for good.

Rackspace Archiving utilizes The Rackspace Cloud. 8.  So a hard drive failure doesn’t ruin my third quarter.

7.  So that I can dig up last year’s budget spreadsheet, change it to 2010, and send it again.

6.  So that when I accidentally hit the delete key I don’t have to line up a visit to my therapist.

5.  So that my inbox will only have the messages that I want to keep handy and I can forget about the rest.

4. So that the company presentation that we spent three weeks on isn’t inadvertently deleted the night before the conference.

3. So I don’t fear for my business when a sales rep leaves his laptop in the trunk of a New York City cab.

2. So that the embarrassing photos from the company dinner can be kept for posterity.

And finally…

1. So I’m not that guy or gal who was going to get email archiving but never got around to it.


From Handshake 2.0:

Rackspace Email & Apps just launched Rackspace Archiving, "the cure for deletion anxiety" on August 12, 2009. 

We studied cloud computing in a multi-part series and concluded: Cloud Computing – Just Draw Me a Picture.

Rackspace Archiving for email helps draw the picture for us.

We learned from Cameron Nouri, evangelist for Rackspace Email & Apps, "The exciting part about the archiving product is that it will leverage The Rackspace Cloud.  The cloud makes it possible for us to offer unlimited storage and lifetime retention for only $3 per mailbox per month."

Nouri added, "With the growing discussion of regulations such as Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), our customers and prospects are talking a lot about about email archiving.  Rackspace Archving provides for our customers who want to have a data archive they can count on so they don't have to worry about deleting emails."

Thanks to the many guest cloud computing experts who wrote for us (listed in the conclusion here), we understand the "how" and we value the "how much."

Congratulations to Rackspace Email & Apps on the launch of Rackspace Archiving!

Bob Grebe covered the story on WDBJ7.  Here's the full press release on BusinessWire.


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