Shoot and Ask Questions The Robert Scoble Way

This week, the Rackspace Tech Showcase features Allan Tsang, founder of 88owls, in a video that I recorded and edited. The video has received several comments including one from Allan saying that I "put him at ease" and "asked the right questions."

I've never received formal training in videography, but in my life, I tend to embrace the proven mantra "watch and learn," which is exactly what I did on June 5, 2009, when Robert Scoble of Rackspace, a.k.a. the Scobleizer, visited Blacksburg, Virginia.

From the Tweetup to the one-on-one meetings with Robert, I tagged along as a member of the press, taking notes for the stories I would write and taking in the way he worked with people. During that time, I studied how Robert greeted people with his easy-going smile and nonchalant manner that instantly communicated warmth and friendship.

He made eye contact which made it easy for people to allow themselves to be interviewed. They avoided looking at the camera and, instead, focused on Robert.

And, he asked good questions, responsive questions, that showed he was listening.

I left with a great deal of material for future stories and also with a greater understanding of how important it is to reach out to people in ways that invite them to feel comfortable so they will openly and willingly share their stories. Though he's long gone from Blacksburg, for now, I continue to watch and learn by following him on various networks and on Building 43 where he continues to show us all how it's done.


Note from Handshake 2.0: Stuart Mease announced on August 5, 2009 that he would become Recruiting Manager for Rackspace.  He shows how it's all done in Stuart Mease Scobleizes The Scobleizer.


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