Rackspace Tech Showcase – LeClairRyan Announces SCOUT Award for Southwest Virginia Entrepreneurs

To Southwest Virginia Entrepreneurs from LeClairRyan:

Here's all about it: You've scouted the competition. You've scouted out ways to make your venture a success. Now it's time to apply for the LeClairRyan Southwest Virginia Connection for Originating Unique Technology (SCOUT) Award.

The SCOUT Award was created to recognize an entrepreneur or emerging business in Southwest Virginia that has a unique idea and is ready to evolve. If you have a business plan and are ready to seek angel or venture capital financing, the SCOUT Award may be for you. Every new venture needs someone to guide them through the common pitfalls that can end a good idea before it emerges. We’re here to be your scout.

Here's what you get: If you are selected as the recipient of the SCOUT Award, you will receive legal services estimated at $10k-$15k over a twelve month period (maximum of $3k per month). You will be able to choose from a list of services that can be found here.

Here's what to do: Go to the LeClairRyan Scout Award description to view the full details of the award program. Create an informative, entertaining 60-second video elevator speech and a 1-3 page executive summary of your venture, including all contact information. Then, submit them to [email protected] by December 4, 2009. Winner will be announced on January 12. Click here to determine if your venture qualifies.


Simulating the opportunity to speak with someone briefly and intensely, at a busy NewVa Corridor Technology Council meeting, Handshake 2.0 asked Michael Drzal, Chair of the Venture Capital Practice Area Team and the Technology and Venture Capital Team at LeClairRyan about the main points to cover in a 60-second elevator pitch.


LeClairRyan specialized in high-tech corporate law. LeClairRyan is an entrepreneurial law firm that provides business counsel and client representation in matters of corporate law and high-stakes litigation.  It specializes in the founding of high-tech start-ups and the development of high-tech enterprises.


Managed hosting, cloud hosting, and email hostingThe Rackspace Tech Showcase is sponsored by Rackspace (R) HostingRackspace Email and Apps is a division of Rackspace located in Blacksburg, Virginia. 

About Rackspace
As the leader and specialist in hosting services, Rackspace(R) Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing-as-a-service, integrating the industry's best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and affordable. A trusted partner to companies of all sizes, Rackspace enables IT departments to be more effective. Rackspace is distinguished by its award-winning Fanatical Support(R), furthering the company's mission to be one of the world's greatest service companies. Rackspace is recognized as one of FORTUNE Magazine's 100 Best companies to work for in the US, ranking number 43 on the list. Rackspace's portfolio of hosted IT services includes managed hosting (www.rackspace.com), email hosting (www.rackspace.com/apps) and cloud hosting (www.mosso.com). For more information on Rackspace Hosting, please visit www.rackspace.com.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Good advice – the ability to briefly describe the opportunity is a skill not to be overlooked. Fortunately, it can be learned.
    And the pitch should be tailored to best fit the particular firm.
    Rule #1 is to always know who it is that you are speaking to. In this case, find out what other investments the firm has made in your space, on what Boards your “target” sits, and if possible other points of connection.
    A little homework goes a long way-

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