Rackspace Tech Showcase: Campus Carriers – A Moving Experience

Remember when you were a kid and grown-ups would ask, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” For Dan Burdi and Ryan Carter, the answer was the same for both: An entrepreneur. This dream came true for them earlier this year when together they launched Campus Carriers.

Ryan Carter and Dan Burdi of Campus Carriers Campus Carriers is a full-service solution for college students needing to store their belongings over summer break. According to Dan, “Students registered with Campus Carriers will have their items picked-up, stored for the summer, and delivered to their new address – on or off campus – before the start of fall semester. No need to seek out a storage place or lug stuff back home just to bring it back to school in the fall.” 

Necessity was the mother of this innovative idea for a company. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2008, Ryan found himself in lease limbo. “He needed a place to store his stuff before his new lease started,” said Dan. "''What better place to store his stuff than at my apartment?' I thought. After a few weeks of having to climb couches, desks, chairs and tables, we decided there had to be a better way."

That "better way" launched officially in March of 2009. Prices vary depending on the amount of belongings moved and stored. “We strive to keep our pricing competitive with self-storage while still offering the full-service moving and delivery. We are focusing on providing a great value proposition and so far seem to be getting it right.”

For Ryan, learning how to get it right started at the age of 13. Little did he know that the experience he gained as an eBay reseller would lay the groundwork for a future involving packaging and boxes.  “My career plan has always been to be an entrepreneur and work for myself.”

Dan, too, explored owning a business as a teenager. “I have wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since starting my first company in sophomore year of high school. It was a computer company that I thought would take down Dell.  Of course Dell is still around and I know much more now about running a business!”

Campus Carriers currently serves Virginia Tech students, but, not surprisingly, Dan and Ryan have their sights set on future moves. To keep up, visit their web site at www.CampusCarriers.com
or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/campuscarriers.


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  1. I’ve had the chance to meet these guys and hear more about their business model, and they’ve definitely learned a few things from those early ventures. From what I can see, Campus Carriers is off to a great start … and I’m sure already well on their way to other moves. Hope they can stay focused enough on all of them to assure they’re doing them all well.

  2. I agree — Campus Carriers is a great idea. Everyone I mention it to from other schools says they could have used a service like this. Dan and Ryan were so nice and responsive during the interview. Great follow up from these guys. They deliver!
    – Kelly

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