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Allan Tsang founded 88owls, the online business consultant-matching service, at the beginning of 2009.  His personal network of fellow business consultants became the foundation for his company which has grown to over 300 consultants from 27 countries. His business-to-consultant matching technology allows the client to seek out the best possible match for the company. 

The advantage of hiring a consultant from 88owls? “Our members have seen it all and done it all – there is no learning on the job,” Tsang said.

Video credit:  Z. Kelly Queijo, a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0

Allan Tsang has written guest blogs posts offering business advice to readers of Handshake 2.0. He is the founder of 88owls.com, a community of business consultants with more than 10 years of industry experience. 88owls.com matches business consultants with businesses seeking consulting services.  You can follow 88owls on Twitter @88owls.


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  1. Allan,
    Great video. You should do more of them!

  2. Barry, you are so right about Allan! He is very comfortable talking in front of the camera. His movements and his style of communication are fluid. I hope he does more with video in the future, too.

  3. Thanks guys,

    Kelly did a fantastic job of putting me at ease and asking the right questions. We just went to town and that is the first take, I believe. We did two formats but we did not have to retake it and I attribute that to Kelly’s easy going nature, her background in the broadcasting.

    She made sure my jacket did not ride over my shoulders. IF I look okay doing it, it was because Kelly coaching was all about being natural.

    I would love to do more – maybe talk about some of the companies I work with and give them some publicity…


  4. Thank you, Allan, we were a good team that day. It’s obvious you believe in your company and the work you do. I think when a person has a deep passion for what they do, it shows.
    – Kelly

  5. Lisa Warren says:

    Wonderful video! Where does the name 88owls come from?

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