Today’s Eclipse – Shadow Springs Shortcake

Connecting you through wine

Eclipse Winery, LLC, is located in the New River Valley of Virginia

Casual Friday can be the highlight of the work week.  Many business owners and managers have found that allowing their employees one day of informality increases their productivity and gives the office a more welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

The Shadow Springs Shortcake brings that same Casual Friday feel to your wine drinking experience.Sharing this sweet, strawberry wine with friends should be a laid-back and informal occasion.  Serve it with afternoon snacks on your deck or around the pool.

Work doesn't have to be stuffy, and neither should wine.


Guest columnists Rik and Melissa Obiso, co-owners of Eclipse Winery, LLC, a new winery located in the New River Valley of Virginia, write Today's Eclipse, a weekly wine recommendation for Handshake 2.0.  Eclipse Winery, LLC plans to open to the public as early as 2012.  The Eclipse Winery story, Couple hope grapes will yield dream business was featured in The Roanoke Times.  You're invited to read all the Today's Eclipse recommendations, more about Eclipse Winery, and about Rik Obiso on Handshake 2.0.  You can follow Eclipse Winery on Twitter @eclipsewinery.

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