I See Your Company’s Facebook Page

Handshake 2.0 asked me, "What content should go on a company's Facebook page?"

While I don't have my own company or my own company Facebook page, I'm a business major at Virginia Tech, I'm active on Facebook, and visit the Facebook pages of companies regularly.  Based on this experience, here are my suggestions about content for Facebook pages for business:

Handshake 2.0 on Facebook Pictures, videos, logos
Pictures and videos are by far the best features to add. Not only do they bring life to a company's page, when displayed on "The Wall" – Facebook's update feature – they instantly and quickly draw attention. Furthermore, they allow consumers to instantly connect with the company.  A great example is the Starbucks Facebook page which shows its humanitarian efforts. The vivid images make consumers connect with Starbucks projects.

When photos are posted on Facebook pages, people in the picture can be identified, or "tagged," and sent an email informing them they have been tagged.  This brings them to the page, and is a great way to keep them connected.  My rule of thumb is that whenever I post anything on Facebook, I always add a picture.

New developments or reports that will interest clients or potential clients
Consumers want to know what your company is up to. That's why they're visiting a company page and the company's job is to keep them entertained. Keep the announcements short and have headlines that will attract readers. If they’re interested, they then have the option to read on. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is flooding their pages with so many words that they actually deter people from reading them.

Customers want to be able to interact with the company. Instead of only a window, they want a door open where interaction can take place. Companies are encouraged to push to make sure that consumers have an opportunity to either post on the wall or a discussion board. By engaging consumers, companies not only receive feedback but also get free advertising. Whenever someone posts on a company's Facebook page, many of their friends can see the comments and that increases brand awareness.

Events and coupons
These show that the company is connecting with consumers and, best of all, it's exciting!  Ben & Jerry's announces events such as "Free ice cream day" on their Facebook page and many companies have coupons that can be printed from Facebook. Upon receiving an invitation to an event on a company's Facebook page, the consumer is notified by e-mail and many will return to the site. This is a great way to keep consumers constantly visiting the site.

Testimonials and background
People want to feel safe with a new company and want to know its background.  Testimonials can really place a consumer's mind at ease and if it’s from someone they know, that’s even better.

Hopefully these suggestions will help your clients and customers feel interested, excited, and eager to do business with you when they visit your company's Facebook page.


Catherine Fong is a management major in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.  You can follow Catherine Fong on Twitter.


Handshake 2.0 is on Facebook and offers Facebook set-up services to companies and organizations.

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