A View of Outsourcing

From Preeti Singh:

Offshore outsourcing can be a controversial subject.  Debate ranges from pro and con to good and bad.   For the United States, according to BusinessWeek, outsourcing work has many advantages to its credit, resulting in multiple companies flourishing globally.

For individual business owners, let us see how outsourcing may be of value to them:

Shaking hands with outsourcing. Saving on infrastructure: When you outsource work to individuals abroad, you are not bound to cover and maintain infrastructure such as building maintenance or expensive technology. Outsourcing helps save time, effort and money, allowing companies focus on other areas of development.

Uplifting small businesses: Small businesses in the U.S. can benefit largely by outsourcing work across the globe. Without large managerial structures to oversee, small businesses can flourish by employing freelancers and gradually rise on the market ladder.

Variety of skills: With a global market rich in talented individuals eager to deliver projects, outsourcing helps gather skills of a variety of specialists who can help complete projects.  Unlimited in reach, outsourcing expands over various countries helping U.S. companies flourish, for example, perhaps with a talented web designer from India or a creative writer from the Philippines.
Absence of management stress: In these times of recession, it has become difficult to maintain a company, employ professionals. and yet maintain a competitive edge in the market. Outsourcing comes as a refuge.  With virtual workers completing projects, you can run successful businesses with simply a mobile phone and an Internet connection.  Stress is much less when work is outsourced and one simply awaits the finished product before submitting it to a client.

Cost effectiveness: Outsourcing work to countries like China and India results in high quality work at affordable rates. One can get excellent work, at minimal rates, rather than employing professionals full-time.

With the internet assisting in assembling and managing workers virtually, most organisations prefer to rely on contractual workers rather than investing in full-time employees.


Preeti Singh is a freelance creative/content writer with 15 years writing experience and a zest to live life to the fullest.  Based in Chandigarh, India, she can be reached at www.writingnaturally.com.  This is her first contribution to Handshake 2.0.

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