Mission Critical

From Anne Clelland:

"Only love is real, everything else illusion."
– Carole King

When this site’s hosting company first went down, I was apoplectic.

I was certain my business depended upon the hosting company’s ability to have my site available 24/7/365. 

I wasn’t using Twitter at the time, so I wrote strident, insistent messages in help tickets, explaining to the company – as if they didn't know themselves the imperatives of running an online business - that my site being up was MISSION CRITICAL.

I have been reflecting on the “history” of Handshake 2.0 as it approaches its one-year anniversary at the end of this month.

Looking back, I realize my reaction was born of fear.  I feared what users would think and do when they tried to access the site and couldn’t.  I feared they would think I was technologically unfit to run the site.  I feared I would lose all clients forever.

I’m glad I wasn’t on Twitter, expressing my fear turned to anger in jagged, 140-character outbursts.

In its one-year existence, I think this site has been down twice, once for maybe 24 hours, the other time for a few hours.

You know what?  I was the same person before and after.  Potential clients I might have lost during the outage were replaced by potential clients who found the site for the first time when it was live again.

No one died.

I later apologized to my hosting company for my behavior the first time the site was down, and let them alone the second time.  I knew they were busy working on what they thought was mission critical.

In the moments that make up 24/7/365 – of which each of us will have only so many – what’s really mission critical?  Probably love.

And sometimes even love goes down.

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