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From Bob GilesHigh Five from Handshake 2.0:

Recently, a friend told me of his two little children playing cellos together. “It brought tears to my eyes,” he said.

I bought a BlackBerry device last weekend. I’m not sure why but I had seen them in use and respected people were seemingly dependent upon them.  Ms. Handshake 2.0 encouraged me. I could have asked others about them but suspected their special interests were both personal and unlike mine.

Bob Giles using his new BlackBerry Storm I have lots to learn about my little pocket machine.  Two weeks was suggested as an appropriate time for learning and practice, practice.

I touched, then pressed the Internet browser symbol on my BlackBerry, found my website, www.RuralSystem.com, and clicked on one of its files. 

From almost anywhere, I now had access to my 250+ files at that web site and the thousands within the 70+ folders on ecology and wildlife management and forestry resulting from years of continued work since retirement from Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources in ‘98.  And there was Google access! From my jeans pocket, I could now bring knowledge to very specific places in the outdoors for improving natural resource management.

It brought tears to my eyes.


Robert H. Giles, Jr. writes High Five for Handshake 2.0.  The opinions Robert Giles expresses are solely his own and are not necessarily shared by Handshake 2.0 or its clients.

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Robert H. Giles, Jr. is a Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus with a vision for a rural land management system. He writes two blogs, The Survivalists and Faunal Force.

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