Handshake from Internet Databases

Jilian Metz and Barry Welch, Internet Databases

Jilian Metz, Project Manager and head of Customer Care at internet Databases, keeps projects organized and running smoothly for Internet Databases and provides front-line customer support for FurnishWEB.  She shakes hands with Barry Welch, President of  Internet Databases. Barry provides the vision and structure for the company and performs sales and marketing functions.

FurnishWEB, a client of Handshake 2.0, is an online data management system for the home furnishings industry that expedites and systematizes order processing and product inventory tracking to optimize partnerships between manufacturers, dealers, sales representatives, staff, and customers.

FurnishWEB is an enterprise of Internet Databases, a custom web development company founded in 1999, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Blacksburg, Virginia.

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