Drink Up – The Morning After Blogchat with Amy Africa

Coffee is needed the morning after a BlogChat on Twitter. It's the morning after my first #blogchat on Twitter where over 120 people engaged in a dialogue with more than 1000 tweets on the topic of how to increase leads and sales through your blog. The 2.5 hour Twitter event was hosted by social media strategist, Mack Collier, and featured Amy Africa, head of Eight by Eight, a highly successful ecommerce marketing solutions consulting firm.

As with any late night party, coffee is a must on the morning after. Having learned last night that a site needs variety in delivery, the take-aways I'm serving come in several flavors:

The Espresso – a quick shot to get you going: Location-Location-Location. Ask-Ask-Ask. Where your “call to action” message lives on your site/blog is critical and needs to live in at least three places, so you can make the call multiple times.

The Morning Cup – tasty, necessary, but not too filling. Eleven take-aways. Just the right amount to get the day started.

  1. Average users makes all their decisions based on the first screen (not page) they see.
  2. Users see things in pictures, not in text. You need visuals on your blog.
  3. After the second page, the user will only look down the middle column (on a 3-column layout).
  4. When you look at getting action on a blog, think BUTTONS, not just links. Buttons are graphical. Links are not.
  5. Short surveys and polls are an excellent tool for bloggers. Do them often to see if your audience is changing.
  6. Blogs should have a clear way to e-mail you and NOT just a form. If you use a form only, you will lose 1/4 of the people.
  7. Navigation accounts for over half the success of any blog (more so on ecommerce sites). "You get what I give you."
  8. I hate pop-ups. I hate video. I hate noisy sites and I use all of them. Why? Because I am not my customer.
  9. We look to the left when we need help. We look to the right when we are going to leave. Puts things in perspective.
  10. The more they stay, the more they pay. How are you going to get them to stay longer?
  11. Make sure the stuff that's important has graphics. A newsletter sign-up with a visual gets 8x+ sign-ups.

And for the Lovers of Latte Grandes – the full transcript. Click here now (see I learned something, too)!

Z. Kelly Queijo writes about business and technology, people and their passions.  She is a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0.  Follow her on Twitter, @zkellyq.

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  1. More on #7: “Navigation accounts for over half the success of any blog (more so on ecommerce sites). You get what I give you.” (per @amyafrica)

    My take: Your site, whether a web site or a blog, requires navigation-driven design so that you make your viewers/readers do what you want them to do. If the design does not drive, then you don’t make money or achieve results. Navigation design is 50% of the formula of a successful site. Use of graphics, action buttons, language, video, etc. make up the other 50%.

    In my mind, the content is only the icing, not the meat. The meat is what you want served: Do you want you people to contact you – meaning do you want your site to be a lead generation site for your services? Then, your site has to navigate them to that end.

    In sum, what “we” like is not for whom we should design.

  2. Great recap Kelly! I really was hoping people would do recaps of this particular #blogchat because Amy shared SO much good information! Thank you!

  3. Per Mack’s Tweet @mackcollier: Final count–
    @amyafrica BTW WTHashtag finally updated, 1464 tweets for your #blogchat, 177 contributors – http://is.gd/1PdHh

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