There’s Something About Her – Today’s Woman Entrepreneur

From: Sylvia Parsons:

Opportunities about for today's woman entrepreneur In today’s self-starting market of business owners, the self-employed, and entrepreneurs, it is difficult to know where one stands. As a woman, it can be even more difficult to not only find, but prove oneself in the entrepreneurial market.

Research and testimonies from successful woman entrepreneurs show that in addition to being innovative risk-takers who demonstrate rapid growth in wealth, today’s woman entrepreneur possesses the following attributes: 

  1. She seeks control over work-family balance: The woman entrepreneur is driven to not only be innovative in business; but to develop creative solutions to balancing family needs. Many women built their enterprises in response to the economic or emotional needs of their families. 
  2. She is determined and persistent: Entrepreneurs are able to see potential and opportunity where others see gaps or emptiness. In the face of work and family demands, inequality in the workplace and greater rates of entrepreneurial failure than men; the woman entrepreneur must be relentless and skillful in pursuit of the opportunity; without taking "no" for an answer. 
  3. She is diplomatic and inclusive: The woman entrepreneur is an inclusive leader. She maintains power while eliciting opinions and sharing decisions with stakeholders. She must be diplomatic as she faces the unique challenge of including without being a “people-pleaser” or “push-over," or conversely, becoming the character Meryl Streep played in “The Devil Wears Prada."
  4. She can ask for help without inhibition: Nobody knows everything. The woman entrepreneur develops a network of competent support and is confident and willing to request help when needed without viewing it as a sign of weakness
  5. She develops the human aspect of business: The woman entrepreneur recognizes that success is not possible without people. She is empathetic and able to develop relationships and effectively persuade and motivate others. This is a powerful tool in business where “it’s still who you know.” 
  6. Finally, and most importantly–She is confident in herself and her ability as an entrepreneur and leader!


Sylvia Parsons will complete her Master's Degree from Virginia Tech in Human Development in the fall of 2009.  She is an intern with Handshake Media, Inc., and with Better Agreements, Inc. "There's Something About Her," the series by Sylvia Parsons, can be found on Handshake 2.0 under
Women Entrepreneurs.

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