The Cloud: Immediate, Scalable, Billed by the Hour

Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud For our series Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud, we asked experts on cloud computing:  "From your point of view, what are – or will be – the benefits of cloud computing for small-to-medium businesses?"

Rob La Gesse of Rackspace replied:

Cloud computing is the natural progression we have seen since the Internet started.  You used to have to know a lot of protocols, and a lot of low level Internet and systems stuff.  Now you don't.  You publish HTML. The cloud allows you to do that with massive scale and very little upfront intellectual or infrastructure cost. 

Dot-Coms in the late 90's had to build that entire infrastructure for every domain – we just eliminated that.  You don't need a Database Administrator.  You don't need someone that understands load balancing.  We've "pushed that up the stack." Today you can focus on your application, and leave the infrastructure to someone else – Rackspace, Amazon, whomever.  You shouldn't care beyond price, availability and support.  We've replaced 40-60% of the "bubble" costs with something that is immediate, scalable, and billed by the hour.


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Catherine Fong contributed to this post.

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