The Cloud Can Offer Small Companies an Advantage Over Larger Companies

Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud For our series Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud, we asked experts on cloud computing:  "From your point of view, what are – or will be – the benefits of cloud computing for small-to-medium businesses?" 

Barry Welch, Internet Databases:

I see cloud computing as something bigger than signing up for a web-based subscription service.  I see it as moving operational applications (accounting, inventory tracking, claims processing, etc.) to virtual computing space.  One advantage is that computing power and storage capacity can grow and morph easily, quickly and cheaper than traditional procurement of new hardware and network capacity.  New virtual servers can be cloned and brought online in minutes.  They can shrink and grow following actual demand. And you only pay for the amount of resources used.

The small and medium sized company can gain significant advantage over larger companies with legacy systems by leading the way into the very flexible computing environment.  They can provide their users and clients highly available, redundant, and robust computing for a fraction of the cost of traditional servers.


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Catherine Fong contributed to this post.

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