Stuart Mease Scobleizes The Scobleizer

Robert Scoble– a.k.a. The Scobleizer – is legendary for his online video interviews.  Thanks to Stuart Mease, Handshake 2.0 offers an exclusive interview with Robert Scoble.  Scoble visited Blacksburg, Virginia on June 5, 2009.  Jeff Sturgeon of The Roanoke Times provides coverage of the event in High tech evangelist makes Blacksburg stop.  Sturgeon mentions Awful Arthur's Restaurant and Scoble provides this clarification.

Added 12:40 PM EST:  Jim Schweitzer commented via his blog:  Why People Like Robert Scoble Matter.

Added 7:35 PM EST:  Stuart Mease commented via his blog: Whatl Learned About Media Yesterday

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  1. Great video, Stu! Yesterday was loads of fun — always good to be in the company of people passionate about the Internet!

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