Social Media Rock Star Peter Shankman

From Anne Clelland:

Oh, yes, we were groupies!

What a spectacular experience to meet Peter Shankman – just in from Tokyo – in, yes, Roanoke, Virginia.

Z. Kelly Queijo, Peter Shankman, and Anne Clelland

Z. Kelly Queijo, Peter Shankman, and Anne Clelland at the Hotel Roanoke

Even though starry-eyed, I even listened! 

"Trust is social media," Peter Shankman said.

Shankman knows of what he speaks.  His reviews and opinions – whether one shares them or not – are genuine. Over 40,000 people follow Shankman – @skydiver – on Twitter.

And thanks to a service for reporters seeking sources that Shankman offers – Help a Reporter – HAROHandshake 2.0 got mentioned in the Huffington Post.

What I appreciated most about Peter Shankman's talk?  It was about us, not about him.

Gee, I think he mentioned how businesses, by focusing on the consumer, can offer greater customer service than ever before…

Thank you, Peter Shankman, Rock Star, for bringing your wisdom and charisma and star-light to, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Roanoke."

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