Robert Scoble Talks with VT KnowledgeWorks About B2B Social Media and CEO Blogging

On his visit to Blacksburg, Virginia, Robert Scoble met with technology incubator and business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks member companies and associates.

Seated left to right at the round table discussion:  Anne Clelland, Handshake 2.0, Allan Tsang 88owls, Cameron Nouri, Rackspace Email and Apps, Daryl Scott, Attaain, Robert Scoble, Rackspace, Doug Juanarena, GenTek Ventures, Glenn Skutt, VPT Energy Systems.

The video was taken on June 5, 2009, with the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 on loan from Olympus to blogger Z. Kelly Queijo.

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  1. Thanks, Anne.
    Good comments- comes back to knowing your customer and the audience for marketing efforts.
    If they’re online, then you need to be there also.
    Or maybe at least in the same bar-

  2. After listening to Scobel’s answer to why should a CEO have a blog, I think every dean and department head at a university should have a blog, for it is a primary way to communicate with students and faculty the needs, limits, potentials, ideas, and expectations for the department. I once heard that a dept. head’s role was to introduce his/her teachers to each class and to point out their unique strengths. That good idea failing, maybe a blog will work.

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