Robert Scoble Meets Z. Kelly Queijo

In a Twitter tweet, Robert Scoble wrote: "@Scobleizer I'm looking forward to meeting @zkellyq and others at the Tweetup today. What a nice thing to write about me:…"

They met!

Robert Scoble and Z. Kelly Queijo in Blacksburg, Virginia

Robert Scoble visited Blacksburg, Virginia on June 5, 2009.  He is pictured with Z. Kelly Queijo, a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0, at Awful Arthur's Restaurant.

Jeff Sturgeon of The Roanoke Times provided coverage of the event in High tech evangelist makes Blacksburg stopScoble followed up in his FriendFeed stream.  Jim Schweitzer commented on Scoble's visit via his blog, Why People Like Robert Scoble Matter, and Stuart Mease commented via his blog, What I  Learned About Media Yesterday.

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