I Drive a Honda. I’m a Blackberry, Too.

From Anne Clelland:

Anne Clelland's new BlackBerry Curve. And, yes, it's in a pink case. I timed myself.  It took me almost a minute to use my cell phone keypad to send a text update to my Twitter account.  To upload a photo and add a link with TwitPic?  Over two minutes.

Life happens faster than that.  "What are you doing?" Twitter asks.  Answer:  "Wanting to connect by Twitter but it takes so long I'm not even going to try."

I was fortunate enough to read Z. Kelly Queijo's draft of I Drive a Subaru. I'm a Blackberry several days before she posted it.  In the post, Jason Tice, owner of  two Wireless Zone stores in Blacksburg, Virginia, tells Z. Kelly Queijo – a.k.a. ZKQ – that the Blackberry Curve is the best phone he's ever used.

Then The Scobleizer came to town.  I gave Cameron Nouri of Rackspace Email and Apps some help with Robert Scoble's afternoon visit to VT KnowledgeWorks.  How did Cameron coordinate the timing with me?  With his BlackBerry. 

When I was at Awful Arthur's for the gathering to welcome Scoble and got a text message from Cameron on my cell phone that he and Scoble were on their way, I handed my cell phone to the young man next to me and said, "Would you please answer this for me?"  He very kindly texted my dictated reply.  In seconds.

ZKQ says she drives a Subaru because she's utilitarian and a BlackBerry Curve is a utilitarian phone.  A Honda can be considered utilitarian, too.

My last tweet from my cell phone:  "Buying blackberry." 

And I drove in a Honda to get it.

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