ENERGY STAR Ratings Coming to a Server Near You

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

In a report to Congress, the EPA stated that the energy used by volume servers in data centers more than doubled from 2000 to 2006 and accounts for more than 50% of a center's total power consumption. Projections are that energy use by US data centers could more than double again by the year 2011, representing $7.4 billion in annual electricity costs.

ENERGY STAR, data center efficiency, and green computing To help circumvent this escalation, the EPA announced the release of the ENERGY STAR Enterprise Server Specification Development Process in May of 2009. Data center servers will soon carry EPA ENERGY STAR ratings just like the power-hungry appliances in our homes.

The following companies, with offices in Blacksburg, Virginia, represent industry leaders helping data centers worldwide to “go green” with power-saving solutions:

EnergyWare provides efficient green computing solutions, which lower costs and increase the value of enterprise IT infrastructure in a supercomputing environment. 

Bob Summers, CEO of EnergyWare:  “Our software solution enables existing and new data centers to reduce energy consumption by 25% or more while improving reliability and maintaining performance. This scalable approach is seeing market traction in the banking, oil, insurance and cloud computing vertical markets where operational cost is a significant portion of the bottom line.” 

Librato is a leader in data center resource management software that enables companies to reduce operating and capital expenses by dramatically increasing utilization rates.

Colin Grant, Senior Director of Engineering at Librato: “There are too many pressures such as controlling carbon emissions, forcing a radical improvement in data center operations. If a data center does not have an active policy of moving towards flexible and dynamic utility computing then it will go the way of the mainframes and dinosaurs.”

MiserWare is a leading provider of intelligent software power management (ISPM™) technology that manages the power consumed by the components inside a server that can deliver 25% or more energy savings without the need to power servers off and without compromise to service-levels, throughput, or performance.

Kirk Cameron, CEO, MiserWare:  “There's a definite need for the kinds of things that we do and the software that we create. We're a part of the solution. When you need high performance you can also have energy performance.”

EnergyWare, Librato, and MiserWare are the energy stars of Blacksburg.


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