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Whatever term used for an online public relations and marketing strategy using Web 2.0 technologies – social networking, social media, new media, digital marketing, new marketing, digital public relations – a company needs a strategy now.

Do any of these statements fit?

  • You’ve started to feel like everyone knows something you don’t and you might be getting left behind because of it.
  • You want an orientation to social media, online public relations and marketing and the possibilities it might have for your business, company, or organization.
  • You’re going to create your own blog in-house but want to know best practices before you start.
  • You already have a blog and you want to expand your online PR and marketing to other social media.
  • You’re ready to devise and implement a social media campaign and want to save time and money and follow best practices. 

Anne Giles Clelland

Consult with the President and CEO of Handshake Media, Incorporated, and founder of Handshake 2.0, Anne Giles Clelland, to help you design an in-the-know online strategy to implement for your company or organization.

Anne Clelland can help you answer these questions:

  • What is social media, or new media or whatever, and how can I – or should I? – use it for my business, company, or organization?
  • What are factors to consider in the design, execution, and management of a social media strategy?
  • Corporate blogs, company blogs, and CEO blogs – Should we have one?  Why or why not?  How are they set up for the greatest efficiency and effectiveness?
  • I’ve decided to write a CEO blog.  How should I do this, how do I get started, and, most importantly, how do I keep going post after post? 
  • I’ve been assigned the duty of writing our corporate blog.  How should I do this, how do I get started, and, most importantly, how do I keep going post after post?
  • Twitter – What is it, what it is for?  Could I use it for business purposes and how do I achieve business results using Twitter?  (To help you get started with Twitter, Anne offers this Handshake 2.0 white paper free of charge:  A Formula for Business Results Using Twitter– .pdf format.)
  • How do we create social media/new media “buy-in” for our company’s personnel and corporate culture?

Anne Clelland is available for consulting on-site in the New River Valley, off-site by phone, and for team meetings, group instruction, talks, keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, and executive retreats.

Purchase consulting hours at $100 per hour

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Questions?  Please contact:

Anne Giles Clelland
President and CEO, Handshake Media, Incorporated
[email protected]

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