The Cloud: Bring on the Bursts and the Limitless Software Choices

Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud Thank you so much to Cameron Nouri of RackspaceDavid Catalano of ModeaJim Schweitzer of Vision Point Systems, Rob La Gesse of Rackspace, and Barry Welch of Internet Databases for sharing their knowledge of cloud computing with us for our series Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud.

We have an academic perspective to offer as well.  We asked, "From your point of view, what are – or will be – the benefits of cloud computing for small-to-medium businesses?"

Calvin Ribbens, Computer Science, Virginia Tech:

Cloud computing can potentially save small companies a lot of money, especially if their computing requirements are 'bursty,' i.e., occasionally they need a lot of computing power, but only occasionally.  It does not pay for companies like this to buy and maintain sufficient computing resources to handle their occasional requirement bursts.  So the cloud can be a nice alternative.

Osman Balci, Computer Science, Virginia Tech:

Cloud computing will enable small-to-medium businesses to use software as a service as opposed to purchasing software as a product. Cloud computing provides many benefits to businesses including lower cost of software use, limitless choice of software in the cloud, instant access to software over the network, no installation hassle, no compatibility issues, no support overhead, and reduced downtime.


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Catherine Fong contributed to this post.

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