The Benefit of The Cloud for Businesses: Pay-for-Use

Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud For our series Handshake 2.0 Takes on The Cloud, we asked experts on cloud computing:  "From your point of view, what are – or will be – the benefits of cloud computing for small-to-medium businesses?"

David Catalano of digital services agency Modea answered:

"The traditional method of IT infrastructure planning requires businesses to make investments in anticipation of future needs. Cloud computing may allow businesses to dynamically scale key parts of their IT infrastructure as needs dictate. Cloud computing may result in the near elimination of up-front infrastructure costs and on-going fixed costs such as bandwidth allocation. The benefit is 'pay-for-use.' Businesses pay incrementally more for cloud resources only when they require it."


You can learn more about Modea on Handshake 2.0.  On Twitter, you can follow @David Catalano and @Modea.


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Catherine Fong contributed to this post.

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