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Enjoyment of the good life at BCR Property Management residence. BCR Property Management very kindly responded to our questions about what it has been like to specialize in rental apartments, houses and townhouses in Blacksburg and Radford, Virginia – near the Virginia Tech and Radford University campuses – for nearly three decades.

Since your founding, what story do you find yourself telling others over again that represents who you are, what you do, and why you do it?  

We have residents come into our office to make a payment who've never before written a check.  We had one young man who was surprised his apartment didn't come with bed linens.  At one time or another, we have helped residents learn skills they will use throughout their lives.

Since many of our residents are university students, this is the first time they may have lived on their own.  We guide them in setting up utility accounts, paying bills on time, and reporting maintenance concerns.  We feel very gratified when residents move on, seeing what they have learned  and how they have grown while renting from us.

When you look back five years from now, what change will you embrace this year that you think will generate the greatest benefits for your company and clients? 

The biggest change we have embraced this year is in the way we advertise.  In the past, we use the mail, newspaper ads, and the phonebook.  Recently we have shifted most of our advertising to the Internet, our web site, Facebook, and other online venues.

By doing so, we are able to reach the residents who might most need our services.  And, by being more efficient with our advertising dollars, we are able to use the money that in the past would have been spent on advertising and move ahead with more projects and improvements that will directly benefit our residents.

We noticed on your BCR Property Management Facebook – Blacksburg page that you have 231 fans, and on your BCR Property Management Facebook – Radford page you have177 fans.  That's a lot of fans!  How has using Facebook affected the way you do business?

The only cost for creating a Facebook page is time, and, for that investment, we see a lot of return. 

Facebook is a great way for BCR to keep our residents (and their parents) up to date on important information in our communities.  We have found that by communicating through a tool our customers are already comfortable using, we are much more likely to have our message heard.  It often feels now as if we are all speaking the same language when we weren’t before.  It is also a great place to showcase how important residents are to BCR.  We post photos of our Resident-of-the-Month and of our residents enjoying themselves and having fun. 

Whether we offer a jelly bean-counting contest or put up a Facebook page, we will do what we can to give our residents the most courteous attention, the most skilled and timely maintenance response the most personal service, and a first-rate residential experience.


BCR Property Management specializes in residential living near the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, and the Radford University Campus in Radford, Virginia.  The BCR Property Managment site offers detailed property listings, comprehensive information for residents, and multiple payment options, including convenient online payment.


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  1. Monica Roman says:

    The blog picture above features two of our residents enjoying a mummy wrapping contest at our Resident Appreciation Party last Halloween. To view more fun pictures (including current and past Residents of the Month) visit both our Radford and Blacksburg Facebook pages (links to both pages are included in the above blog or on our website http://www.bcrpropertymanagement.com). You’re invited to become a fan of BCR while you’re there!

  2. Thanks ACI & Anne for such a great post. This summer, we at BCR are busy getting our apartment homes ready for all of the new residents moving in this summer and fall.

  3. Anne Clelland says:

    My experience with rental living has been challenging. I often felt as I were supposed to feel lucky that I was allowed to live in an apartment and that I was at fault – and a huge burden – when I had a maintenance request.

    When I saw your Facebook pages with pictures of residents seeming to live in a neighborhood, viewed the detailed list of forms and information you offered residents on your site, and read that you valued a quick turnaround on maintenance requests, I was really impressed.

    And after 30 years, still wanting to do more and better? That’s enlightened leadership. We’re honored to showcase you on our site.

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