Social Media Use Drives Traffic to B2B Companies in Specialty Niches

From Anne Clelland:

Thank you, Jim Flowers, director of VT KnowledgeWorks, for permission to share your kind words and blog site statistics with Handshake 2.0's readers.

Keep up the fine work, Anne.  Engaging you to build the VT KnowledgeWorks blog was a good decision.  2K unique visitors over 4-1/2 months means we are building very good community awareness.
Please feel free to use our stats as evidence that a comprehensive web strategy, including blogging, can drive targeted traffic for B2B companies in specialty niches.

Thank you again so much, Jim.

For clients of Handshake Media, Incorporated's digital pubic relations services, we use Google Analytics, TypePad statistics, and to track what's happening online with regard to social media and online strategies.

This is an excerpt of an e-mail report I sent to Jim Flowers, director of VT KnowledgeWorks, clients of Handshake Media, Inc. – again, used with permission:

Here are highlights of site traffic to Inside VT KnowledgeWorks using Google Analytics.  As you know, TypePad and use different measurement metrics and produce different results, but these are useful.

The information is from the first of the year, covering 4 1/2 months, 1/1/09 – 5/14/09.

  • The site had 3,361 visits and 2,045 absolute unique visitors.
  • Search sent 770 total visits via 928 keywords.
  • In the top twenty keywords are: high tech startup advice, media fragmentation, recession and entrepreneurship,
  • Companies mentioned in the top 20 search terms are Portaqua, AttaainCI, Schultz-Creehan, Torc, Gladhandle, and Contravac.
  • Keyword #1 is inside vt knowlegeworks, #2 is vtkw, and #21 is vt incubator.

Top sources of traffic were:

  • Direct: 24.84% (People who type in the URL.)
  • Google: 21.81%
  • 16.84%
  • VT KnowledgeWorks: 8.51%
  • Handshake 2.0: 7.68%

Some top referring sites were:

  • VT KnowledgeWorks
  • Handshake 2.0
  • Twitter
  • Google images (One reason I try to put a pic in posts.)
  • (my one billion other blogs)
  • Attaain
  • Google (We got listed in one of their blogs.)
  • Stuart Mease
  • Facebook
  • Henry Bass
  • Open Business (Where we got on the list of top 150 blogs for entrepreneurs.)

Google Analytics Report for Inside VT KnowledgeWorks

As you can see from the attached graphic, the timing of the traffic spike was due to interest in the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit.


  • Events and initiatives are good for traffic.
  • Top keywords searches seem to indicate the blog is branding VT KnowledgeWorks, keywords related to entrepreneurship, VTKW companies ready to sell products and services, and companies related to VTKW events.
  • We continue the accumulation and accretion of content in top referring sites, and increase our activity in social media sites.  I expect traffic to continue to increase through the growing visibility of VTKW from direct sources of traffic, Google, links from outside sources, Twitter, and Facebook.
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