Passion for Your Work: Lost and Found

Matching business consultants with businesses From Allan Tsang,

A business owner built up his family business.  In order to prepare it for sale, the fact that it was hugely profitable was not attractive enough to buyers.  They wanted a stand-alone "product."  He hired and worked with a management consultant to help streamline and document all processes in order to make himself "obsolete/redundant."

Once that was in place, the owner – who once worked 60-70 hours a week – was able to do his job in fewer than 30 hours a week.  The business was able to outsource many of its non-essential tasks and delegate the others.  The owner started to have time to pursue his personal passion – shooting skeets.

What happened for the business owner as a result of hiring a consultant was that he saw new options and opportunities.  He liked what he did and felt, after all, he did not have to sell, although he still could.  It was the workload that killed his passion and his love for his work.  He had come to believe many of the things he did were tasks he could not entrust to others.  He believed others didn't care as much or did not do the task as well as he did.

He invested $15,000 in a consultant but he bought back in just one year 1,500 hours of his own time.  That comes up to about $10 an hour and his billable time was about 10 times that.

With every year that goes by, that initial investment looks more and more like a wise decision.  Not to mention the ability to have his initial passion for his business restored, time to pursue his hobby, and to spend more time with his family…now that is invaluable.

He's become a very good skeet shooter.


Allan Tsang, a guest blogger for Handshake 2.0, is the founder of, a community of business consultants with more than 10 years of industry experience. matches business consultants with businesses seeking consulting services.  You can follow 88owls on Twitter @88owls.

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