Handshake 2.0 Applied to Kindle Publishing for Blogs

From Anne Clelland:

I read this update last night from @sixapart on Twitter:

"@sixapart Our friends at Amazon just launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs – list your blog in the Kindle store: http://kindlepublishing.amazon.com"

A Kindle is the wireless reading device from Amazon.com.  I've seen a Kindle once, thanks to our client Barry Welch of FurnishWEB.  But I've got a very close friend, a cutting edge early adopter of the latest technologies, who had the first Kindle and now owns the Kindle 2.  I predict she will soon own a Kindle DX when it's released this summer.  She believes in the Kindle.

I read an interview with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, almost a year ago in The Wall Street Journal.  My memory paraphrased a line from the interview as "The book as we know it…"  What Bezos actually said was, "But you also can't ever out-book the book. You need to look for a series of things that you can do with an electronic device like Kindle that you could never do with a physical book," and "Over some time horizon, books will be read on electronic devices."

Mashable wrote about Kindle Publishing for Blogs and made these crucial points:  1) Publication of a blog via Kindle syndicates the blog's content to thousands of Kindles.  2) The "more methods [for] distribution for your content, the better."

Okay.  Time to get Handshake 2.0 on the Kindle. 

We applied last night.

Mashable described the Kindle Publishing for Blogs application process thoroughly, so I'll only add this cool preview image from our own application process:

Handshake 2.0 applied for Kindle Publishing for Blogs from Amazon.com

And this personal observation:  If we were not incorporated, did not have a trademark, did not have a well thought-out business model, and did not already have online images, documents, and data available because of that, the terms of use and application process might have proved challenging.  Entrepreneurship, by nature, involves risk but I felt primarily confident that I knew what I was doing, what I was getting into by accepting the terms of service, and how far the possibilities extend – from minimal to infinite.

At this point, I'm banking on "minimal."  I've been an Amazon.com Associate since the late 90s.  Looks like I got a check in 2000 for $29.24.  Haven't had one since then.

According to our application, we will be notified of acceptance within 48-72 hours.  If Amazon.com approves Handshake 2.0 for publishing via Kindle, we'll have a page like Mashable's.

And another way for Handshake 2.0 to spread the word - word of mouth, word of blog, word of Kindle – that "It's still who you know."


Thanks to SixApart on Twitter – creators of the TypePad blog platform used by Handshake 2.0 – for the news on Kindle Publishing for Blogs and to  Modea on Twitter for the link to Mashable.

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