A Seasoned Entrepreneur Starts Up Again – Ken Ferris

From Anne Clelland:

At the NCTC TechNite Awards banquet last night, one of the companies nominated for the People's Choice Award was Wireless MedCARE.  At their booth, a lively guy was pitching to the crowd.  I joined the crowd and stood near a quiet guy.  We smiled and recognized each other. 

I couldn't remember his name, but I knew he had been with Luna because, as the founder of a 3-month-old start-up, I had been struck dumb with awe to find myself in the lobby with a guy from Luna on the way to hear a talk by Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet.

Ken Ferris of Wireless MedCARENow a mature entrepreneur, the founder of a 10-month-old start-up, hardened not by rejection from angel investors, but rejection from even being allowed to pitch to angel investors, I found myself able to read his name tag – Ken Ferris – and speak.  He told me he wasn't with Luna any more, but had just joined Wireless MedCARE

I will tell you that when I heard that someone who already knows how hard it is to start a company, to get it funded, and to make it profitable was going to do it again, I felt quite touched.  

I try to be hardened, but I'm not.  

Ken showed me the Wireless MedCARE pad that's placed under a person in a nursing home and sends data to the staff so they can monitor and record what's happening with the resident and optimize care.  He mentioned his mother.  I thought about my grandmother and how helpful that would have been for her care and didn't mention that she had died two days before.

I felt quietly connected to Ken Ferris.

I am not at all surprised that Wireless MedCARE won the TechNite People's Choice Award.


Added 8/9/09: 

More on Wireless MedCARE from The Roanoke Times, 8/9/09:  Two Roanoke medical companies on the cutting edge:  Breakthroughs by Wireless Medcare and OcuCure Therapeutics could put Roanoke on the medical map.

Thanks to Thomas Becher, president of tba (the becher agency), for this press release on WirelessMedCARE and Ken Ferris (.pdf).

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  1. Robert Giles says:

    Mr. Ferris,
    I hope you’ll ponder the educational potentials of such a modified device placed under students in a classroom. I imagined such a thing in Idaho in 1966 and included it in “The Didactron” (now with an editor) http://fwie.fw.vt.edu/rhgiles/Didactron/Heedb.html

    The new potentials are for wireless presentations by students and new computer integration of responses for the teacher as he/she monitors the class. It may be only a research device for a world of meaningful studies but I think it could result in widespread use in Cooperative Extension and adult education centers as well.

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