Attimo Winery – The Movie

Added 3/10/10:  Eclipse Winery has a new name – Attimo Winery!  We've changed the post's title to reflect Attimo's new name.

From Anne Clelland:

Roses in the vineyard at Eclipse Winery He's a microbiologist.  She's an architect.  They fell in love and bought a vineyard.

And they brought people together.

That could be a movie.

At a thank-you gathering given by Rik and Melissa Obiso for those who have been part of the start-up of Eclipse Winery, I was reminded frequently of films such as A Good Year and French Kiss where miracles of humanity and nature happen in a vineyard.

Besides an architect and a microbiologist, present were an extension service agent, a pro golf official, an art teacher, an inventive mechanic known as MacGyver, a university professor, a grandma, the neighbor from next door, the neighbor from over the hill, and running children (through grapevines).

Eclipse Winery belongs to the Obisos, of course, and yet…

"These are the vines I planted."  "When was bud break?"  "We have voles.  Do you have voles?"

A community plants grapevines at Eclipse WineryEach person has a literal and figurative stake in the vineyard.  Each has planted grapevines, weeded grapevines, given knowledgeable or semi-knowledgeable advice on grapevines, fixed grapevine-tending equipment, or in some way joined Rik and Melissa Obiso in believing – not in a movie version - but in a real vineyard.

And not on a movie set, either.  In rural, southwest Virginia.

Each was drawn to the inexpressible magic, romance, and possibility of a vineyard. 

And to a young couple who, with love and belief, bought a vineyard.

The wine grapes grow at Eclipse Winery.


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