PE Central Soars as #1 Site for Physical Activity Resources

Type physical education into Google and you’ll see PE Central rising above all others as the #1 listing.  Since its founding in 1996, PE Central has established itself as the number one go-to site for physical education resources.
“That’s why we founded PE Central,” said Mark Manross, Executive Director of PE Central.   “We saw a need for a centralized source of information, so we created it.”

PE Central is a source of exciting, color physical activity resources.

PE Central now sees a new need for information to address a troubling development:  the crisis in childhood obesity.
“Parents want to help their children to be active and healthy to prevent obesity and that means finding physical activities for their children.  They just don’t know where to go or what to do," Mark Manross said.  "Our plan is to be that 'where' and 'what' for parents with infants to early elementary-aged children.”
With a staff of over 200 qualified physical activity experts, PE Central is well-suited and well-positioned to be of assistance to parents concerned about childhood obesity.
“What we know about childhood obesity and physical activity is this,” said Manross.  “Our experts work with children every day in physical education and activity settings. Combined, they have over 2000 years of experience motivating kids to become physically active in their classes. We currently have over 1700 activity-based lessons on our site and we feel confident we can develop and optimize these to work with parents and their children.”
Given PE Central's history of activity on behalf of physical activity, expect concerned parents to find just what they're looking for to rise above the rest at PE Central.


The mission of PE Central is to provide access to a large variety of resources and programs designed to promote physically active and healthy lifestyles in youngsters and future adults.


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  1. Great article about PE and physical activity. Check out the Log It web site from PE Central as well where kids can log their physical activity steps and/or miles. and they can win free tshirts every week.

  2. Very impressed to see a #1 organic Google listing for a Blacksburg, VA-based site. That speaks to the number of people who value your offerings.

  3. Henry Bass says:

    Great overview of a great customer! Mark Manross has been an energetic, enthusiastic customer/partner since we met in the late 90’s. PE Central continues to thrive, and the big thing they have going is that teachers submit their lesson plans to the PE Central review board: it’s an honor for the board to select a teacher’s plan for publication, since less than half are deemed acceptable.

    What’s more, PE Central is the Google of physical fitness lesson plans, (Or, I like to say, the of PE lesson plans) where an instructor can say, “I’m looking for something at the 5th grade level to tie in with Geography” … and here come your options. Super!

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