A Tour of the History of Information

Thanks to Denmark-based Thomas Baekdal, author of Baekdal.com: Online Magazine About the Great Experiences, for permission to post these fascinating graphs from his article, Where Is Everyone?, "a little tour through the history of information, or more specifically, where to focus your efforts if you want [to] get in touch with other people."  This thought-provoking article has over 100 comments and counting.

In the future, Baekdal predicts,"The information stream will be a natural part of every second of your life. It is not something you get, it is something you have."  He defines the "Targeted" future as you "in control over every single bit of information that flows your way."

In order to connect with others, Baekdal asks, "Are you making yourself a natural part of people's stream of information?"

A conceptual vision of the history of information from Thomas Baekdal

Baekdal's conceptual graphic of the history of how people received information
and a prediction of how they will receive it in the future

A linear graphic of the history of information from Thomas Baekdal

Graphic with a linear timeline

We think this adds an interesting piece to the discussion of the "thought stream," the "information stream," what TechCrunch terms "nowness," and what Z. Kelly Queijo likened to an old-fashioned party line.

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