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From Z. Kelly Queijo:

On Monday, April 20, 2009, a handful of people posted tweets and retweets (RT) in reference to an article I wrote for the Blue Ridge Business Journal about Twitter (Twitter This: the litest, lowest-fat, zero-calorie, fastest-growing form of communication in cyberspace).

I captured those tweets and recorded the number of followers of each person in parentheses:

furnishweb: Nice article from @zkellyq with good explanation on how twitter's viral nature works. Thanks.  (38)

edupreneur: @zkellyq Nice piece on Twitter in the Blue Ridge Business Journal! (1,588)

handshake20: RT @mailtrust RT @cnouri Blue Ridge Biz Jrnl article by @zkellyq on Twitter w/ real world examples (including @mailtrust)  (242)

handshake20: "Twitter This" in Blue Ridge Business Journal by @zkellyq

mailtrust: RT @cnouri: Blue Ridge Biz Journal article by @zkellyq on power of Twitter w/ real world examples (including @mailtrust)  (1,998)

cnouri: Great article in Blue Ridge Biz Journal by @zkellyq on power of Twitter w/ real world examples (including @mailtrust)  (1,048)

If every follower for each unique Twitter ID listed above were to click and read “Twitter This,” the article would have been read by a possible 4,914 people.

Add to that the 123 followers I had at the beginning of the week, and the number becomes 5,037.

Of course, some overlap among the tweeters and followers listed above exists, but even if that number amounted to 10% of the total, a significant number of people could have been reached within 24 hours of the first message posted.

I've received comments from readers saying they now “get it” when it comes to understanding the power of Twitter.

My numbers are small (but growing) compared to those of seasoned, power users of Twitter as a viral marketing tool.  However, the value of potentially increasing my readership by several thousand means a great deal to me as a writer and continues only to reinforce the strength and reach of Twitter Power.


Z. Kelly Queijo, writes about business and technology, people and their passions.  She is a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0.  You can follow her on Twitter, @zkellyq.

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Sheriff of FurnishWEB


  1. Great story! I’m fully immersed in FB and social networking in general (and developing social networks for companies), but I never “got” Twitter. I knew how it worked, but saw no value in it except as a novelty and a “must-do” (I work in marketing and advertising). I enjoyed reading how “grown-ups” are using it. Now I have better ideas about how to approach it. A much-needed story for the BRBJ readership.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, M.K. I loved your point about “grown-ups.” Twitter definitely seems to be evolving from a “fun thing to do” to a serious business tool.

  3. Alex Edelman says:

    I think it’s important to wonder who those 5000 people are. I’m reminded of the early days of social networks, when the goal was to friend as many people as possible and acquire as many friends as possible, instead of actually networking with real people you knew. Twitter followers are more anonymous than social network friends, and there seems to be some sort of prestige associated with bumping up the follower count.

    Any insight as to how many of those 5000 people have value to you?

  4. Alex, you asked a great question about the value of those 5000. For me, the value is in exposure as a writer. If my work is published in a print publication and the publisher places the pub in a new location where 5000 people might see it, and some might even decide to open it and read it, then my work was exposed to more people than before. The value, overall though, is a win-win if the reader determines the information was of value and then tells someone else and so on. Twitter is a medium with potentially massive outreach. My article was filled with good examples of how businesses from many different industries are using Twitter and which tools they are using to make using Twitter more efficient. In that respect, posting a link to an article about Twitter on Twitter is a pretty good example of target marketing via a social medium.


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