Modea Welcomes Mansi Trivedi

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

For Mansi Trivedi, finding a new job was as easy as 2.0.

Mansi Trivedi, associate planner and account executive at Modea A self-proclaimed “Facebook semi-addict,” Trivedi discovered Modea, a digital services agency located in Blacksburg, Virginia, through a Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) alumni group on Facebook. Intrigued by the company's work and clientèle, she contacted Modea and, on April 3, 2009,  became an official associate planner and account executive for the company.

“That's the beauty of Social Media/Web 2.0,” says Trivedi.  You don't only live in a physical zip code; we all travel longitudes of distances every day.”

A native of India, Trivedi's trek from Bombay to Blacksburg included several moves along the way.  After earning her B.A. in mass media/advertising from the University of Mumbai and a master's degree in communication strategy from the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, Virginia, her work took her to Michigan, New Jersey and, until just recently, New York.

Along the way, her passion for writing and design led her to create many innovative blogs:

2009 in pages:

Everyday observations:

The idea of being displaced, a collective storytelling experiment:

I'm a design geek:

Mansi Trivedi is also on Twitter:  @media_reveries.

“I would like to think that what I did outside of work did play a big role in helping me find a home at Modea,” she says.

She also attributes to VCU's graduate program help in shaping her growth as a writer and designer. “The VCU Brandcenter truly influenced me in what I am today. The school had a huge effect on me in terms of challenging the easy answers and not making just ads. That's the thing about advertising.  We need to embrace the idea of  'new' and immerse ourselves in popular culture to be able to develop communications that connect well with consumers.”

Before her move from New York, Trivedi wrote about what it was like to stand very still on a sidewalk in Soho and take in all the motion of the city for just one moment, sharing with her readers a small slice of  life in the Big Apple.  She wrote about being real with Modea for Advertising Age

I've warned Mansi that, except on home-football game weekends, the pace here in Blacksburg is a bit slower than city life and comes with a lot less glam and fewer limos. She's okay with it and says she's looking forward to being able to “wrap my head around the town and get to know the Blacksburgers and Hokies!”


Z. Kelly Queijo writes about business and technology, people and their passions.  She is a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0.  You can follow her on Twitter, @zkellyq.

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  1. Mansi rocks! I sought her expertise on some recent work with United Way. It’s cool to see how she has immersed herself in all things web 2.0 as someone hoping to get a job with a similar company. Thanks!

  2. Jessica, thanks for your comment! Should you be interested in looking to Blacksburg, VA for work this field, check out the job board at our technology council – NCTC:

    Good luck to you!
    – Kelly

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