Humor for Handshake 2.0

From Giovanni Diviacchi:

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times wrote last week, "President Obama will soon get his souped-up, high-security BlackBerry for use in and around the White House and during presidential travel, said Obama administration officials."

That sound you hear is the phone ringing at the desks of thousands of Purchasing Managers across the country from their CEOs requesting the same BlackBerry model.


Giovanni Diviacchi is a business analyst and stand-up comedian in  Washington, D.C.

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  1. Hooray! A dose of Giovanni humor!

    – Kelly Queijo

  2. More! More!

  3. Thanks guys. I have a joke book on called Bring on the Funny for $0.99 that has some good lines from my standup routine in it. With a little luck, I’ll get it professionally recorded in front of a live audience some day.

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