New River Valley Golf – Spring Golf Rituals

From Neil Sagebiel:

As warmer temperatures and other signs of spring come to the New River Valley of Virginia, many of us are drawn to the outdoors and our favorite outdoor activities. For some, that includes the game of golf.

Nail Sagebiel, Armchair Golf Blog, at the Masters Golf Tournament, Atlanta, 2008 I admit that I write about golf much more than I play the game. This isn’t entirely by choice, but rather an occupational necessity. I’m not complaining. I love covering the game, which includes getting out on the professional tournament trail.

Last year I only played about nine rounds of golf, most of them at Great Oaks Country Club in Floyd, where I’m a member, and a few at other courses such as Blacksburg Country Club and Auburn Hills Golf Course in Riner.

One of my spring golf rituals is to play in two benefit events, both of which always fall during the same week in May and usually have me hustling to the golf range to shake the cobwebs off my golf swing.

The fact that they’re both scramble formats makes them more enjoyable. For one, I always team with the same golf friends. And secondly, it’s a lot easier to forget those errant strokes when you can use your partner’s shot!

From a golf viewing standpoint, the Masters Tournament is an unofficial rite of spring. As the PGA Tour begins its season in Hawaii, moves to the West Coast, and then travels to Florida, everything points to Augusta. In 2008, I made my first trip to the Masters, fulfilling a lifelong golf goal.

I won’t be attending this year, but I’m still eagerly awaiting the start of the Masters, just a few weeks away. I can assure you I will be glued to the set during the second weekend in April.

What are your spring golf rituals in the New River Valley?

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