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Eclipse Winery, LLC, is located in the New River Valley of Virginia

We are all familiar with the business adage KISS – Keep It Simple.  The 2006 Malbec by Tiza of Mendoza, Argentina does just that.

This well-aged dry red, with light tannins, is clean and straight forward in its flavors.  It also offers an additional 6 months of bottle time over Northern Hemisphere reds.  Available in the New River Valley of Virginia at Zeppoli's.  Try it at your next business outing.


Today's Eclipse, the wine recommendation for Handshake 2.0, is written by Rik and Melissa Obiso, co-owners of Eclipse Winery, LLC, a new winery located in the New River Valley of VirginiaEclipse Winery, LLC plans to open to the public as early as 2012.  The Eclipse Winery story, Couple hope grapes will yield dream business was featured in The Roanoke Times.  You can read all the Today's Eclipse columns and more about Eclipse Winery on Handshake 2.0.

You can follow Eclipse Winery on Twitter @eclipsewinery.

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