In Business, It’s Who You Know – Now You Know the Creative Connectors

• Kelvin Bratton
• Bruce Bryan
• Matt Bullington
• Mark Cathey
• Krisha Chachra
• Joe Cobb
• Michael Dame
• Pete Eshelman
• Jay Foster
• Robyn Goodpasture
• Nicole Hall
• Leigh Anne Hindenlang
• Marie Hodge
• Jeremy Holmes
• Jonathan Hunter
• Gene Marrano (Handshake 2.0 knows his voice!)
• Nancy Maurelli
• Bridget Meagher
• Tyler Nguyen
• Cyrus Pace
• Elizabeth Parsons
• Sharon Rapoport
• Jane Rorrer
• Pugal Selvaraj
• Rick Sheridan
• Kevin Sullivan
• Katie Wallace
• William West
• Betsy Whitney
• Gordie Ziegler (High-Tech Athlete on Handshake 2.0)

From the press release (.pdf):

March 6, 2009
Committee Selects Individuals for Creative
Communities Leadership Project

Roanoke, Virginia – The City of Roanoke announces that 30 local individuals have been selected to participate in a year-long Roanoke Creative Community Leadership Project which will kick-off with a two-day workshop session with the Creative Class Group on March 30-31, 2009.

The selection committee, made up of regional business and community leaders, received more than 90 applications for the 30 Creative Connector positions. Additionally, more than 20 inquiries were received after the application deadline. Selected participants represent the diversity and talent of the Roanoke region.

Connecting People in the RNR - Creative Connectors
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  1. Suggestion: All read Florida’s “The Creative Class” and then answer how Mill Mountain theater could have been allowed to close. Maybe that answer will lead somewhere.

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