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From Dan Smith, Editor, Valley Business FRONT:

At Valley Business FRONT, as at most progressive publications, we are intensely aware of the Internet's impact on the future of our industry and to that end, we're making our first concrete moves into building a Web site that will answer that need for our readers.

First, we put up the page-turning edition of FRONT, which premiers a week ahead of the paper copy of the magazine (here's the page-turning edition of the February 2009 issue). 

Now, at moreFRONT, we have created a blog for content that is original.  We have supplemented not only our cover story on the region's niche publications, but have also included a timely editorial on the future of Mill Mountain Theatre.

The publishing content is especially interesting, since it deals with the largest publication in the region – The Roanoke Times – which was only passingly mentioned in the print issue. On moreFRONT are two major pieces dealing with The Times: an interview with publisher Debbie Meade, her first outside her own outlet, and a timeline of what has happened at the paper during the two years of her guidance.

It's fascinating reading and a harbinger of things to come at Valley Business FRONT.


The Valley Business FRONT Post is written by Dan Smith, Editor, Valley Business FRONT, a monthly business magazine featuring the Roanoke Valley and the New River Valley of Virginia.  Dan Smith writes the blog fromtheeditr.

Dan Smith's e-mail signature quotes Kingsley Amis:  "If you can't annoy somebody, why write?'

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