A Very Brief Twitter Case Study

More than 140 characters, but here goes.

Neil Sagebiel has written ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG since 2005.  Google "top golf blogs," go to the first site listed in the results, scan the list of top golf blogs, and there's ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG.

For Handshake 2.0, in My Amazing, Undercover Golf Experiment, Sagebiel wrote the story of the founding of his blog.

Yesterday, February 19, 2009, at approximately 10:30 AM EST, Neil Sagebiel began using Twitter.

Around 2:30 PM EST, he began following Handshake 2.0 on Twitter.

We immediately sent out these tweets:

Everyone who begins to use Twitter follows a few other Twitter users and receives a few followers pretty quickly.  We noticed before we sent out our tweets that Sagebiel had 4 followers.

At 8:35 AM EST on February 20, 2009, we see that @armchairgolfer has only posted 13 updates, but has 43 followers.

In under 24 hours on Twitter, @armchairgolfer experienced over a 1000% increase in followers.

In an e-mail  to Handshake 2.0 this morning, Z. Kelly Queijo wrote as a follow-up to From “Follow” to “Follow-Up” – Using Twitter in Business (used with permission):  "If you've ever been in sales, you know the conversion ratio is 20:1. You make 20 calls to get 1 sale (sometimes it's only 1 foot in the door, 1 demo scheduled, 1 lunch date, 1 meeting)."

A case study offers observations rather than conclusions, so here's Handshake 2.0's observation:

If receiving a Twitter follower can be counted in the 20 of the 20:1 ratio, a 1000% increase could be considered a very, very interesting number.


You're invited to follow Handshake 2.0 on Twitter @handshake20, Neil Sagebiel of ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG @armchairgolfer, and Z. Kelly Queijo @zkellyq.

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  1. Gee, it’s very cool to be featured as a “case study” on Handshake 2.0. Thanks, Anne!

    Two nights ago I decided it was time to jump on Twitter when a big sports agency (Octagon) emailed me about a new site called Twackle, an aggregator of sports tweets. They wanted me to write about Twackle and I thought, “It’s time for me to get on Twitter.”

    So I did several things that got me rolling on Twitter. I signed up; I wrote a post about Twackle at ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG; I put a Twackle widget and my Twitter address and feed in my blog’s sidebar; I began following many folks I know in the golf world (who, for the most part, returned the favor); and I mass emailed invitations to all the golf, marketing and other people in my various email accounts.

    Yep, I did have a great first day on Twitter. It certainly started with a bang.

    And the Twitter invitation is still (and always will be) open. So, if you’re reading this, I hope to see you on Twitter. Follow me and I’ll follow you.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Neil, and I love your own post explaining the whole process of your very successful Day One on Twitter.


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