The Great Forward

Here's Handshake 2.0's further exploration of The Great Forward (begun here in The Great Forward – The Reason…), with regard to business blogs and business blog posts:

A business blog post “meets” more contacts than you ever could at a business networking meeting no matter how many hands you shake while working the room.

A blog post doesn’t just “meet” contacts who know about the blog.  It meets waves of contacts. 

The simple blog post you’re reading right now was globally available within the seconds it took me to post it. 

One wave of contacts who "meet" this blog post are the loyal readers who type in the whole blog's URL each time to see what's new.

Another wave who meets this post are subscribers to the blog via e-mail and RSS feed.

And search engine users seeking information related to terms and keywords used in this post are another wave of contacts.

Any one of those ripples in the waves of contacts may like this blog post enough to honor it with The Great Forward and send a link to the blog post to a contact.

Word-of-mouth referrals are the top sources of “contacts = sales” in almost every industry.  It’s who you know. 

“Who you know” works because we tend to trust those we know.  Trust is born of experience.  Although our physical selves are not online, the virtual self we communicate in a blog is a way to create a sense of experience with us, to engender trust, and to increase the likelihood of a word-of-mouth referral via The Great Forward of a link to our blog post to a contact.

A blog post creates a potential tsunami of contacts.

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