Newly Wired Town Gave Rise to New City Media

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

What began as project for a small town resulted in big results for many people.

Among those people in the small town that ended up the Most Wired Town in America was David Poteet, founder and president of New City Media

New City Media (NCM), a successful web design firm, got its start in Blacksburg due solely to the fact that in 1995, Foxridge Apartment Complex offered affordable broadband Internet access. At that time, the availability of Internet access would not have existed community-wide were it not for the Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV).

New City Media in the Most Wired Town in America, 1997

New City Media in 1997.  Pictured from left to right, Marilyn Myers (still with New City Media as Controller), Bronwyn Bebee (Designer, now back in her home country of Australia), David Poteet, and Amber Thorneburg (Project Director, now a VP at Bank of America).

For Poteet, Blacksburg was the right place at the right time. “We moved into Foxridge in the summer of 1995 specifically because it had high-speed Internet. I couldn't have started NCM without access to low-cost broadband. We ran NCM out of our second bedroom until November 1996 when we moved into the CRC [Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center], after landing the contract to develop for the Roanoke Times.”

What began as a two-person web design company with one client has grown into an award-winning international design firm with high-profile clients that include National Geographic Magazine and the Imperial College London.

New City Media is just one of the 100+ companies which, over the years, chose to build and grow here in the Most Wired Town in America , a.k.a. Blacksburg, Virginia.


Z. Kelly Queijo writes about business and technology, people and their passions.  She is a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0.

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