From “Follow” to “Follow-Up” – Using Twitter in Business

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, founders of the microblogging social media tool Twitter, may not have yet figured out how to generate revenue from one of the fastest growing social media tools available, but they have certainly given their millions of users access to powerful communication tools that can potentially increase the bottom line for businesses and corporations.

Twitter Timing

For sales.  Use Twitter Search to seek out the corporations or corporations on your business target list. Read their Tweets (a “tweet” is the 140-character text message you send via Twitter). If their use of Twitter is to communicate corporate information, Follow them. Then follow-up with a phone call or e-mail when you have something to say that syncs with their Tweets. The more you know about your prospect, the more on-target your follow-up can be. Your timely response could be what opens the door to a new deal.


For corporations.  Maintain a press list of the key outlets for your message, but open the doors to Twitter and allow anyone to follow you. Post your press releases on your site or blog, then post links to those as tiny URLs in your Tweets. This is much easier than maintaining an extensive press list. Your press list will grow instantly if you invite your audience to follow you on Twitter through email, blogs, and your web site.

Tech Support Tweets

For any business.  Use Twitter to provide added value to customer support experiences. Report scheduled downtime, maintenance, or even an emergency. Announce product or version releases. Tweet tips or "how-tos" to your customers.

The above are just a few ideas of how Twitter can be used proactively to build business.


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