Valley Curbside Recycling – The Start of a Start-Up

Enjoyable and informative video on the launch of Valley Curbside Recyling, co-founded by Jeremy Hart, frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0.  The video was created by fellow Handshake 2.0 contributor Gary Cope.

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  1. Tough working conditions. Great video! I can only wish great success. You have to be thankful for the volunteers and I (we?) thank you for volunteering your time in getting this important enterprise started.

  2. I, too, loved the video and was so impressed with Valley Curbside Recycling’s camaraderie and its commendable effort, especially in rough weather.

  3. Thanks for posting the video, Anne! I am very excited to be a part of and look forward to both making a difference in our communities and environment and helping Jeremy and Ryan develop the business.

  4. That was an awesome video, and an awesome day. So much to be done when it comes to establishing this business in Christiansburg, but we are committed to making an impact. Thanks to all of our volunteers!

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