Twitter Issues

Added 3:17 PM EST – We're back in!  Thanks, Twitter!


Looks like the challenges facing Twitter challenged our Twitter profile as well.

We received an e-mail, as we do often, that we had a new follower.  We clicked on the link to the user's profile, used our criteria for whether or not we acknowledge the follower, i.e. the individual has a picture, has a history of tweets, and has a URL.  The user met those criteria, so we tweeted, "Greetings, @tweeterusername."  Then we went to the individual's site, located in another country, then wrote a tweet marveling that as Thomas Friedman noted, the world is flat.

The next time we refreshed our Twitter profile, we were asked to download a file.

We didn't.

But we knew we were in trouble.

We warned followers the best we could with text messages from our phone. 

We've contacted Twitter support, although we're asked to download a file when we do.


Even when we try to go to the Twitter site at all, we're prompted to download a file.


We have no advice except to not click on our tweets referring to the user in another country.

If they might be of value to anyone anywhere, we offer these screenshots.

When we tried to reset our password using this advice from NewsTechZilla:

Twitter issues

When we clicked "Send!" to report the problem to Twitter:

Twitter issues

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