Honey, May I Please Have a TORC Car?

TORC Technologies gave me, Anne Giles Clelland, founder of Handshake 2.0, a dream of a ride in its ByWire XGV, an unmanned Ford Escape Hybrid converted to drive-by-wire.

What does that really mean?  It's the TORC car!  It's like magic!  And it's for sale!  I could buy one! 

Or someone could buy one for me…

Anne Clelland of Handshake20.com
Drives TORC's ByWire XGV Using Remote Control

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  1. I sure hope they have an instructor override on that car. 🙂

  2. Dear Mr. Flowers,

    As you can see from the video, an instructor override was not needed. 1) The TORC car drives effortlessly. 2) My skill with the drive-by-wire remote control was evident. Did you see my relaxed shoulders, the way I held the remote comfortably in my lap, and my calm demeanor? I would have been fine driving solo, especially over the The Smart Road Bridge, the highest bridge in Virginia.

    First the TORC car, then NASCAR.

    With respect,
    Anne Clelland
    Handshake 2.0

  3. To Jim’s comment, there was *definitely* a safety override in place. Our engineer in the driver’s seat simply had to shift the gear out of “neutral” to take back control. He was also controlling the throttle and brake.

    I pulled most of the instructional conversation out of the video, because it would’ve been quite a bit longer.

    Anne – you did a good job and we are glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I was very impressed by the demo, the video, and your performance. You’re sitting in something very exciting. With game board skills, the next generation of users will be very ready for the vehicle. I wonder if it can respond to innovations said to be present on/within the “smart road” where you were “driving?”

  5. “relaxed shoulders … calm demeanor …” You were giggling like a schoolgirl!

    Of course, I think I would’ve been, as well. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Jeremy, I think this commenter on your blog post best expressed my actual experience:

    “Wow! I can feel the thrill of it by just watching. 40mph is really moving for operation by remote. It makes me a little giddy with excitement. If the car is pricey for me, how about a ride? Anne speechless? Leave it to TORC. They’re top shelf.”

    Jeremy, thanks for posting the video on your site!


  7. Cool vid guys! That car is pretty excellent indeed! Great work!

  8. I echo all of the above praises of TORC’s ByWire car…the video is really cool! I have to admit though, I believe I would use similar “driving techniques” as Anne and “steer” the remote control as if I were behind the wheel.

  9. Anne, can anyone take a ride in the TORC car or do you have to be CEO of a high-tech social media consulting firm? If cars can be driven by a remote control, then does that mean my 10 year- old can drive? I met a former Air Force pilot last summer who said that the next gen of pilots will be those kids who were masters at maneuvering aircraft in video games and by remote control. Does the same hold true for cars? Great video — what an awesome experience!
    – Kelly

  10. Looks like great fun, I really like the video.

    Send TORC to NYC so I can take a spin!

  11. ZKQ, thank you so much for posting the video on your blog. Love your spin – “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”!


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