On the Move with Bob Pack

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

On-site and hands-on is the trademark of Blacksburg, Virginia, Business Developer, Bob Pack. He has moved his office and staff to every project he's constructed. Pack calls it "a mental thing" to be close at hand.

His most recent move has taken him back to Collegiate Square for the start of Collegiate Square II. Through a public/private partnership with Virginia Tech, Collegiate Square II will become Blacksburg's next parking garage and mixed-purpose business development. Construction will begin during the summer of 2009. In addition to businesses and residents, the parking garage will serve Virginia Tech's planned Performing Arts Center which is slated to begin construction in 2010.

Bob Pack, far right, builds with Habitat for Humanity in Shreveport, LA
Bob Pack, far right, builds with Habitat for Humanity in Shreveport, LA

Ask Pack what he does in his spare time and he'll respond, “I build houses with President Jimmy Carter and Millard Fuller.” With the exception of time spent in Louisiana following Katrina, his work with Habitat for Humanity usually takes him out of the country. Millard Fuller with his wife Linda, founders of Habitat, established the Fuller Center for Housing in 2005. Pack now builds houses with the Fullers and supports the their efforts to eliminate poverty. He has been instrumental in arranging for Fuller to speak in Blacksburg later this year.

Another project he donated time to was to help rebuild Blacksburg's historic Lyric Theatre.

According to Lindsay West, chair of the Lyric Council at that time, Pack served as construction manager and oversaw all of the renovations.

West called the project a “design-build project” and noted that's where Pack's experience came into play, “Bob was wonderful – taking the time to work around all the problems. I don't think we could have done that project without his skill and knowledge.”

The seven-month project began in March of 1998 and ended with the reopening of the Lyric in October of that year.

Whether he's on a plane flying to a remote corner of the world to build a house, or breaking ground on a new building right here in Blacksburg, one thing is certain, Pack is a man on the move.

Z. Kelly Queijo writes about people and their passions for business and technology.

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