Bob Pack, Blacksburg’s Builder

From Z. Kelly Queijo:

“Bob Pack is one of the most honorable businessmen in Blacksburg.”

That's according to Gail Billingsley, executive director of the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Turns out, she's not the only one who thinks so. From those who know him or work with him to those he has worked for, words like “honest” and “wonderful” top the list of adjectives used to describe Blacksburg, Virginia builder and business developer Bob Pack.

Z. Kelly Queijo and Bob Pack

A native of Blacksburg and a 1974 graduate of Virginia Tech, Pack has more than 30 years of experience working in the construction industry. His corporate development initiatives have been instrumental in changing the lay of the land in Blacksburg. Businesses that fall under the umbrella of his core company, Pointe West Management, include Pack Apartments, Pack Associates, Collegiate Square, Pointe West Commons, and Kent Square.

His degree in business led him to a job as head cashier at Virginia Tech. However, it did not take him long to realize that the state's approach, at that time, to across-the-board compensation without respect to performance was not exactly a good fit for him. It just did not challenge him enough. He soon left and began a remodeling company which was his first step on the path to where he is today.

Responding to need has been the driving force behind his projects. In 1985, he built his first corporate development project known as "The Pack Building." For a university bursting at the seams to find enough office space, The Pack Building provided some relief.

From the construction of Blacksburg Day Care, located in Pointe West Commons, to building the town's first parking garage located in Kent Square, Pack has pursued projects that were win-win for both his company and the community as a whole.

“Hopefully, you do things for the right reason,” said Pack. Built just three years ago, Pack noted that Kent Square is not yet profitable, but he is optimistic that day will come.

“The need has always been there, but acceptance has been slow to come.”

A friend of his calculated that the distance from the parking garage to the Lyric Theatre is less than the distance from the farthest parking space in the Christiansburg Walmart to that store's front door. 

The public's resistance to change does not faze Billingsley's confidence in Pack.

“He works with the best interest of the town and the people at heart, knowing that as the town succeeds, businesses will succeed as well.”

Z. Kelly Queijo writes about people and their passions for business and technology.  In the photograph, she shares a real-time handshake – a Handshake 1.0 – with Bob Pack.

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  1. “Redundant” takes on meaning if I try to add much to this post. I cannot help but add “former great neighbor” and jovial sparring partner with my wife.

    Kent Square is a gem for Blacksburg suggesting sophisticated permanence, maturity, and confidence for the town unlike the gray litter-surrounded forms of villages throughout western Virginia.

  2. At VT KnowledgeWorks I preach the Four Fundamental Factors for entrepreneurial success – Market, Magic, Mentors, and Moxie. This short chat with Bob points out three of them very clearly.

    The power of “responding to need” in the Market ought to be obvious; but proud visionaries all too often wear themselves out trying to sell people something they just don’t want.

    The timing and location of the Pack Building, the daycare center, and the Kent Square garage developments amount to Magic – the stuff that makes your product or service special.

    And if Bob has anything going for him, it’s Moxie. From seeking a real performance-based challenge to sticking with it for a lifetime, Bob demonstrates that single most important Fundamental Factor – Moxie.

    And the value of Bob’s story to prospective entrepreneurs makes him a personal example of the fourth Fundamental Factor – a Mentor.


  3. bob is a great businessman and asset to the local community no doubt about it, we need more of him…

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